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Visit us at Club Fest at the beginning of the semester to get involved!



How do I become a member of CSA?

  • Membership is $15 per year for new members and $10 for returning members

  • Lifetime membership is one-time payment of $30 

  • Venmo @cornell-csa and include your first and last name, type of membership, and netid (ex: Sophia Teng, lifetime, abc123)

  • Sign up for our listserv and follow our Instagram @cornell_csa and Facebook @CornellCSA

What does membership include?

​Membership includes the opportunity to join a fam of lifelong friends, and access to perks such as discounts to local Collegetown restaurants, access to our Lending Library, and exclusive access to special CSA events! To see everything CSA can offer, scroll down to our Membership Benefits section!

What do my membership dues go toward? 

​Among other CSA expenses for general operation, we use some of the membership dues for:

  • Fam rewards

  • Lending library

  • Socials, food, and other costs associated with our events!


What are fams?

Fams are groups created by CSA to give Cornell students a home away from home. Each fam consists of bigs and littles who will be paired together based on both parties’ preferences. Once these fams are paired, these will be the people you hang out the most with in CSA, and also the people who may become some of your best friends at Cornell! Think of it as getting a new friend group without having to do much work! These people can become lifelong friends or mentors :)

What are littles and bigs?

  • Littles are CSA members who are in their first year of membership with CSA. Typically, new students at Cornell make up the majority of littles in CSA. Littles will be paired with other littles and two to three bigs in a fam. 

  • Bigs are older members of CSA who have already been with the organization for at least a year or an upperclassman at Cornell. Bigs can play a variety of roles, from reliable mentors to dependable friends. But no matter what, a big is there to help littles to acclimate to CSA and the Cornell community while making memories along the way." 

How do I join a fam?

It's easy, please pay the membership fee and be sure to attend at least two Social Week events! Social Week typically occurs after ClubFest in the Fall semester, so remember to keep an eye out for the schedule on our socials. Historically, we've found that littles who attend more Social Week events and really get to know the bigs will join fams that they truly connect with!

How do I become a big?

Before Social Week, we will send out a signup form for bigs to fill out, which will be found in the newsletter, on Instagram, or in our Links section of this website! Typically, a group of 2-3 bigs will get together to make a fam and each will fill out the form to submit before Social Week. You do not need to be a previous member to become a big!! All you need to do is pay the membership fee and sign up to be a member! Bigs will also need to attend a certain number of events during Social Week so that they are able to get to know the littles!

What is Social Week?

Social Week is CSA's first event of the semester, where we have a week full of events to help prospective littles meet as many bigs as possible! This is a time for littles and bigs to mingle, connect, and find their new fam for the year. At the end of this week, bigs and littles will finally get paired with their fams at our Fam Reveal! Check our Instagram and Facebook for more information on specific events!

What is the point system?

The point system was generated to create a fun and competitive environment for CSA. Rather than only having a few events each year, CSA strives to be a constant presence during your time at Cornell. The point system rewards CSA fams who send pictures of their hangouts together, either at CSA events or on your own time. For example, if your fam celebrates a birthday together, you can send in a picture or tag us on social media to get featured and receive points. Fams that reach certain milestones will receive rewards depending on the number of points. The fam with the most points at the end of the year will also get a special prize! Click here to read about our point system in detail.

What other events does CSA hold during the year?

CSA prides itself in holding both large and small events that attract thousands each year. Larger events include Mid-Autumn Festival, Midnight Dimsum, and Lunar New Year. Smaller social events for CSA members include ice skating at Lynah rink, hot pot socials, and game nights!

Have more questions?

Feel free to DM any of our socials or email us at!

Membership Benefits


Lending Library

Members will have access to streaming services and subscriptions such as VIKI Plus, Crunchyroll Premium, Jackbox 1-5, and Disney+ in our Lending Library. We also offer a large variety of physical card and board games such as Mahjong, Catan (+Expansion Pack), Asian Flush, and much more! Sign up here to enjoy a fun night with the fam!


Hotpot Kit Lending

Enjoy some delicious hotpot with your fam with our hotpot kits! (Each kit includes: 1 Shabu pot, 1 electric burner, and 3 hotpot ladles). Sign up here to pick up your kit!

Fam Placement & Fam Rewards

As you continue to spend time with your fam, you will receive fam points for each picture submission to us! When your fam reaches a set number of points, your fam will be awarded a prize such as gift cards to local restaurants, boba shops, or recreational activities. Check out our points system document for more information on the prizes.

Membership Card 

​Members will receive a special membership card that offers discounts to local Collegetown restaurants.

Exclusive CSA Events

With a CSA membership, you will have access to exclusive events such as formals and parties, as well as special treats at our events.

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